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There is no excess of education
Universal Education College’s programs are designed for today’s working student. We offer cutting-edge teaching techniques, knowledge that the student can use now, convenient online courses, and academic advisors who will guide the student from enrollment to graduation.

Universal Education College provides training programs online specially designed for your comfort and affordability. Universal Education College offers the most cutting edge online platforms to deliver course lectures with video, audio, and multimedia. Live lectures are recorded and made available on demand through “streaming video” technology. Students use additional technologies to work on exams and homework assignments and to communicate with the instructor and other students in the class.

Limited classroom sizes make it easier for the student to have an interactive learning environment and get one-on-one guidance from the instructor. Class is conducted in an online forum that allows the student to stay connected with instructors and fellow classmates.

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Online Medical Assisting Diploma Program

Medical Assisting
Our Online Medical Assisting Diploma Program
will help you achieve your goal in a short period of time. Why we're the best?
  • Our programs are designed and reviewed by professionals in the field to give you the best training anywhere.

  • There are no traditional classrooms at strict timings. Easy online learning is our aim!

  • We offer the most cutting edge online platforms to deliver course lectures with video, audio, and multimedia.

  • Flexible program schedule, you can take your classes anywhere at anytime.

  • There no hindrance to your daily schedule. No time limits or deadlines with our program.

  • Complete online support is available to answer all your questions and with personal attention.

  • Finish Medical Assistant Diploma training in just 8 months!

with ActivSim and Anatomy & Physiology Revealed


Online Programs

Medical Assisting Diploma

For students who want a
meaningful career in the healthcare field, the Medical Assistant program teaches the foundations of patient care procedures, medical office administration, and medical clinical practices.

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Medical Coding & Billing

Processing insurance claims for
healthcare facilities is important work. In this program, students are trained in medical terminology, insurance forms, diagnostic codes, procedural codes, and procedures for processing medical claims.

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